Wes Anthony has been tracking at Greenote for his upcoming Instructional album.................................. working title.... Westet


Wes can be seen live in one of his 10 different projects including Sol Caribe and the Jesse Charles Band; he is also the leader of Equal Time Sax Quartet. Here he plays baritone, tenor, alto and soprano sax on some choice arrangements of old and modern tunes.

We're using a MXL v77, C1 and my Sennheiser 521 on all the horns and keeping the signal path clean. Wes has really nice horns and he plays them all really well.

tracking in tarpit main room, recording : TR

Have a listen to some mp3s.

Filename Size
BeetleBop 4,004 K
Charleston 2,702 K
Chicago 2,779 K
CoolSaints 3,566 K
Down ByThe River  4,184 K
GiveMy Regards to Broadway  2,684 K
SatinDoll 2,782 K
OneChance at Life 3,546 K
Peacherine 2,388 K
Polkadots and Moonbeams 4,878 K
Round Midnight 3,638 K
Swing Shift 3,815 K

photo by JasonCozy.com

photo by JasonCozy.com


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