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Studio, equipment and Service Rates

all services include one engineer      


Studio, Equipment and Service Rates (all services include one engineer)
Services Rates
Digital Recording, Editing $45/ hour
24 Track Digital Recording $350/ day
with DigiDesign ProTools $250 - 350 / Multi-day

$225 / 6 hour block

10:00 am - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Digital Mixing/Mastering $45/hour or per song
Analog or Digital Transfers $35

Facilities Greenote features an 22 x 18 foot recording room and a separate 18 x 12 foot control room.

We feature 18 simultaneous tracks of recording with plenty of submixing and boucing capacity. A large Mic and Pre-Amp selection ensure a great analog sound is introduced to the digital chain.

State of the art software and hardware combine with experienced  knowledgeble engineer/ musicians ensure your project will sound GREAT!

Terms: Studio reservations require a 50% deposit. Full payment is required at the completion of recording session. Sessions of four or more hours include 1 hour of free setup time.

to discuss pricing please phone:831.469.0345

or email: webmaster@greenote.com

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