HFSAvatar V-30 2x12 Cab
custom Weber 1 x 12

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Guitars & Basses

We love tracking Acoustic and Electric Instruments. We have the microphone selection, instruments, tube amps, effects and technique to capture your desired sound. A plethora of Instruments, Amplifiers and signal processing equipment give you tons of options. Over the last few years we've also built about 10 electric guitars.
Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars


Bass Amps, Cabinets, preamps, effects
  • Polytone Minibrute I 1x12 Combo Amp
  • Schroeder 1210 Cabinet
  • Euphonic Audio CXL12 Cabinet
  • Euphonic Audio VL110 Cabinet
  • Polytone Minibrute I 1x12 Combo Amp
  • Radial BassBone
  • Line6 Bass Pod
  • EH Bass Big Muff
  • DIY Opto Compressor
  • Behringer Sans Amp clone
  • Behringer V-Amp
  • Sans Amp Bass DI
  • Behringer VTone Bass DI

Guitars Amps, preamps, effects

Combo Amps - HEADS

  • HFS, custom built EL84 Marshally amp with Reverb.
  • HFS II, custom built EL84- Boost, Tremolo Reverb.
  • Supro 2x10, Fruitbat modded 
  • Sovtek Mig 60 Head
  • Egnater Tweaker, 1x12
  • Peavey Valve King, 1x12
  • Epiphone Valve Jr. 5 Watt Class A,
  • Electar 10 Watt Class A, 1x8


  • V-30 +Peavey, 2x12 Cab
  • Dual Eminence V-30 2x12 Cab
  • Avatar V-30 2x12 Cab
  • Avatar Jensen 2x12 Cab
  • Mesa Boogie EV 1x12 Cab
  • Custom Weber 1 x 12

Effects Pedals

We've got nearly a hundred pedals, with nearly 20 that we built. Great overdrves, Fuzzes, Distortions Delays and Modulations for serious tone manipulation   FUZZ Foxx Tone Machine - Brown DIY
Foxx Tone Machine - Green DIY
JOYO OctaveFuzz
Turbo Ratt
Big Muff Pi
DeltaPi - DIY
Bass Big Muff

DeltaLab Rock Distortion
GodBox DaVinci
Marshall Shredmaster DIY
Sobbat DB-01
Sobbat DB-01 Clone - DIY
Ecstasy - DIY
Biyang MadDriver
VOX Satchurator
DBA Soundwave Breakdown Clone/Mod DIY
Danelectro Daddy-O
Big Muff Germanium
Boss Drive Zone
Tech21 XXL MODEL/PRE 7th Heaven Bogner Esctasy w/ buffer - DIY
Honey Bee - DIY
SansAmp (Behringer)
Line6 DM-4   BOOST Boss FA-1 FET DIY
TriBoost - Purple DIY
TriBoost - Green  DIY
Stage4 Boost - Mini Brown DIY
MODULATION Maestro Phaser
Maestro Phaser - DIY
PhaseRoyale - DIY
Behringer UltraPhaser
Joyo Classic Flanger
Chorus - DIY
DanElectro HashBrowns Flanger
DanElectro Fab Chorus
DanElectro Fab Echo
Tremolo - DIY
Rogue Tremolo
Joyo Classic Flanger
Danelectro Hash Browns Flanger
Behringer Bass Chorus
Behringer Bass Overdrive
Wah Pedals (3)
Bass CryBabay Wah
Ross - DIY (BYOC)
5Knob - DIY
TC Electronics Flashback
TC Electronics Flashback X4
EH Deluxe Memory Man w/ Hazarai
EH Deluxe Memory Boy
GHS ProDelay
Rogue Analog Delay
Behringer Digital Delay
Biyang Tri Reverb
Mooer Shimverb
TC Hall of Fame Reverb    

  • SansAmp
  • Line6 POD XT
  • Line6 POD Farm software
  • Johnson J-Station
  • Behringer V-Amp/FCB1010
  • Behringer Acoustic DI
  • Behringer Acoustic Modeler
  • Johnson J-Station
  • Behringer V-Amp/FCB1010
  • Behringer Acoustic DI
  • Behringer Acoustic Modeler
  • Johnson J-Station
  • Behringer V-Amp/FCB1010
  • Behringer Acoustic DI
  • Behringer Acoustic Modeler

  The Kay, SR800, 72 P-Bass and the Carvin LB70, no OLP or BTB 5-string photo yet.  


Jamie blasting on Sam Hubster's Les Paul   

Line6 SpiderValve and Mesa Boogie 1x12  

Russian Sovtek and Mesa Boogie 2x12  

Charger's Peavy Classic Tube Amp


Old School Harmonica Tube Amp


CARR Boutique Tube Amp


CARR Boutique Tube Amp

guits mo bass 

(above left) Les Paul, Ibanez SR4000, Fender Stratocaster  

(above right) BASS Rig - Ibanez BTB, Carvin LB70, OLP, QSC, VAMP, Euphonic CXL, Schoeder 1210


Charger  during our Mic Shootout, Reid Ridgway's Guild

Dr.Dave and I go back 28 years!



One sweet and Loud Bass Cmbo
(I sold this and am now using a QSCamp with a Behringer Bass V-AMP and a Shroeder 1210)


Super Studio-RoundBrownMound of Hound: Chip! Chip passed in 2011. RIP chi

Dan Robbin's 6 and 7  String MTD's mtd

Polytone MiniBrute, Euponic VL110, Radial Bassbone  Polytone

831.469.0345............................................................ webmaster@greenote.com