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Headphone Amps
  • Hear Back System with 4 remote mixers
  • Mackie HMX56 Matrix Amp
  • Samson 4 Channel Headphone amp (1)
  • Behringer HA 4600 4 Channel Headphone amp (2)
  • Rolls Headphone 6 Channel Headphone amp
  • Mackie HR624
  • KRK V6
  • KRK Rockit 10P Sub
  • Events PS-5
  • M-Audio StudioPro 3
  • Vidsonix Musician Monitors (6)

Headphones are common image in studios. Many musicians are unaccustomed to wearing them in a performance, We'll get the mix right in your cans. When you hear better, you play better. The Hearback system allows our engineers to send six independant sources plus a mix to each perfomer. The remotes station allows the musician to create his own mix right at their fingertips.

We also use a Mackie HMX56 Headphone Matrix amp. Additional sends to the Headphone amps, One musician can dial in custom mixes for each performer.






Sony MDR-7560 (3)


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Techn. Data
Transducer principle dynamic, closed
Nominal impedance 64 Ohm
Sound pressure level (SPL) 102 dB (IEC 268-7)
Load rating 500 mW
THD, total harmonic distortion 0,1 %
Ear coupling circumaural
Contact pressure 6 N
Weight w/o cable 220 g
Jack plug 3,5 / 6,3 mm stereo
Connection cable Coiled cable (min1m/max 3m)
Frequency response (headphones) 8.....25000 Hz

Audio TechnicaATH-M40

ATH-M40fs Specifications
Operation Impedance
60 ohms

Element Maximum Input Power
1,600 mW

Driver Diameter Weight (less cable)
40 mm
8.8 oz (250 g)

Frequency Response Cable
5 - 28,000 Hz
11' (3.4 m), left-side entry

Sensitivity (1 mW) Connector
100 dB
1/4" (6.3 mm) phone plug

Magnet Type
AKG K-66 Technical specifications

semi-open, circumaural dynamic headphones

96 dB SPL/mW

Frequency range
18 to 22,000 Hz

Rated impedance
32 ohms

<1 %

Max. SPL capability
200 mW

Cable single cable, approx. 3 m (10 ft.)

stereo mini jack

mini to 1/4" adapter jack

Net weight (without cable)
210 g (7.4 oz)


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